Catton’s Fabrications increases productivity with the Morgan Rushworth HST70 Steelworker

Shane Catton Logo (002)Shane Catton Logo (002)

Catton’s Fabrications are welding and engineering specialists based in Norfolk. They specialise in bespoke fabrications for both commercial and industrial customers, creating everything from ornamental fountains and garden gates to office furniture and internal stairways, anti-crash barriers and external railings. The business was looking for a machine to help increase its productivity and, in the end, they purchased a Morgan Rushworth HST70 Steelworker. We spoke to Shane Catton, the director of Catton’s Fabrications, to find out about his experience with the machine and with Selmach.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Selmach, the salesperson I dealt with says it how it is, he’s straight down the line

How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

We heard about them through an engineer contact we had. We were looking for a saw, which Chris, the engineer, bought on our behalf and he recommended Selmach to us. Bruce came to see us a while back and give us some advice, and ever since then we’ve been using them.

What led you to buy the new steelworker? What was your objective?

We were looking for a machine to increase our productivity. We spoke to Selmach and had a discussion about what we needed. They advised us that the HST 70 Steelworker was the best machine for what we needed and we got a good deal on it.

Why did you choose that particular brand?

We didn’t really know much about it, it was what Selmach advised us based on what we needed to do. We got a good deal so we’re happy. It has met our expectations and exceeded them, without a doubt.

How has the business benefitted from the steelworker?

It has increased our productivity as we’d hoped. It saves us time and money – can’t fault it really.

What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process of buying from Selmach?

Fantastic – any issue we have are dealt with straight away – I can’t knock the service.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Selmach, the salesperson I dealt with says it how it is, he’s straight down the line, and is the person to deal with.

Tips/advice for others looking to buy the same machine?

I would say go for it. If you’re already thinking about it and you know what you want, then do it. And get the best that your money can buy – you won’t be disappointed.


Published 18th March 2021