Ultra Ace Power Feed Magnetic Drill 110V

Main view Ultra-Ace-Power-Feed-Magnetic-Drill-110V

The Nitto Kohki ‘Ultra Ace Power Feed Magnetic Drill 110V’ with auto feed have been specially designed for use with TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) cutters. They have the benefit of cutting in excess of 3x more holes per cutter compared to ordinary HSS (High Speed Steel) and increase productivity as they are run at far higher rotational speeds. However, standard M2 High Speed Cutters can be used on this machine using the weld on shank arbour adapter.

This particular model is discontinued, however please browse our alternatives.

Main view Ultra-Ace-Power-Feed-Magnetic-Drill-110V

This product is now discontinued however we'd be happy to discuss alternative options with you. If you're looking for consumables, servicing or spare parts for this product, please contact our sales team.

Main view Ultra-Ace-Power-Feed-Magnetic-Drill-110VMain view Ultra-Ace-Power-Feed-Magnetic-Drill-110V
Front view Ultra-Ace-3500-Power-Feed-Magnetic-Drill-110V-DetailFront view Ultra-Ace-3500-Power-Feed-Magnetic-Drill-110V-Detail
Ultra Ace Power Feed Magnetic Drill 110V image 3Ultra Ace Power Feed Magnetic Drill 110V image 3
Ultra Ace Power Feed Magnetic Drill 110V image 4Ultra Ace Power Feed Magnetic Drill 110V image 4
Model Atra 3500 Atra 5000
Clamping force kgs 720 1150
Motor Watts 1100 1150
Speed rpm 950 350/650
Cutter Capacity mm 35 x 50mm 50 x 75mm
Twist Drill Capacity mm n/a n/a
Morse Taper No n/a n/a
Countersink Capacity 35mm 50mm
Tapping Capacity n/a n/a
Shank ¾” Magquick ¾” Magquick
Length mm 409 613
Width mm 237 237
Height mm 480 613
Weight kg 20 23


  • Built – In Coolant System With Auto Shut-Off.
  • Quick Release Cutter Arbor.
  • Built – In Motion Sensor For Any Excess Vibration or Lateral Movement.
  • Fail safe Re-Start – Drill Won’t Start Up Automatically After Power Failure.
  • Magnet Open-Circuit Sensor Preventing Operation Until The Magnetic Field Is Active.
  • Slow Start Mechanism To Ensure Smooth Cut Through Mill Scale.
  • Load Sensor Which Responds To Drilling & Feeding Forces On The Cutter For Optimum Cutting Conditions.
  • Feed Speed Is Continually Monitored & Updated Proportionally To The Load On The Cutter.
  • Automatic Cycle Stop After The Cut Has Finished (Load Sensing)
  • Overload Stop When Any Excessive Load Is Applied To The Cutter To Prevent Cutter Breaking.FIVE REASONS TO BY:1: Health & Safety, The operator can stand clear of the machine during the drilling process.2: The operator can be marking the next hole while the machine is drilling.3: Speeds are self regulating increasing cutter & machine life4: Feed speeds are continually monitored giving quickest cutting cycle in hard/soft materials5: One person can operate two+ machines


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