Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line Beam

Main View Ocean-Avenger-CNC-Drill-Line-Beam

The Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line has been built for engineering metal beams and columns as well as all steel profiles including channel, angle, flat bar, base plates, square tube and round profiles. Due to its extreme versatility the Avenger has been accepted into many different industries and has made a huge impact on the small to medium fabricators around the world.

Not only does this machine lay out and drills all your holes in any steel profile, the Ocean Avenger achieves this in a fraction of the time it takes you to do it manually. With options to also lay out the marks for all your welded attachments this machine virtually eliminates the need for a tape measure.

The Ocean Avenger Beam Drill Line is an extremely affordable and space efficient beam processing solution as it only requires a floor space of 70ft x 9ft, making it available to smaller companies or fabricators with space limitations. With the ability to cover hole-to-hole in less than 10 seconds including referencing and clamping. The acceleration and deceleration is up to 400% faster than competitive machines.

Main View Ocean-Avenger-CNC-Drill-Line-Beam

This product is now discontinued however we'd be happy to discuss alternative options with you. If you're looking for consumables, servicing or spare parts for this product, please contact our sales team.

Main View Ocean-Avenger-CNC-Drill-Line-BeamMain View Ocean-Avenger-CNC-Drill-Line-Beam
Video thumbnail showing the Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line Beam
Ocean Avenger CNC Drill LineOcean Avenger CNC Drill Line
Ocean Avenger CNC Drill LineOcean Avenger CNC Drill Line
Ocean Avenger CNC Drill LineOcean Avenger CNC Drill Line
Ocean Avenger CNC Drill LineOcean Avenger CNC Drill Line
Ocean Avenger CNC Drill LineOcean Avenger CNC Drill Line
Ocean Avenger CNC Drill LineOcean Avenger CNC Drill Line
Ocean Avenger CNC Drill LineOcean Avenger CNC Drill Line
Ocean Avenger CNC Drill LineOcean Avenger CNC Drill Line
Ocean Avenger CNC Drill LineOcean Avenger CNC Drill Line


Maximum Profile Size: 18.3 x 1000mm (1088kg/m)
Minimum Drill Diameter: 8mm
Maximum Drill Diameter: 40mm
Maximum Thickness Limited only by drill length: 250mm
Maximum Speed X-Axis: 30.5m per min
Maximum Speed Y-Axis: 36m per min
Spindle Power: 10kw
Drilling Feed Rate: 50-254mm infinitely variable
Spindle Stroke: 330mm
Total Power 208-575v
Average Output: 6200-400 holes/hr depending on the profile drilled



  • The Ocean Avenger FORTY is the 3rd iteration of this popular machine and it is now even faster and simpler to use.
  • The Avenger FORTY will handle profiles up to 40″ tall (1m), while the Avenger THIRTY will handle profiles up to 30″ tall (760mm). The Avenger THIRTY is normally sold in countries where the maximum profiles size is under 760mm, and this machine packs into a standard shipping container. The Avenger FORTY needs a special Multi-Talent shipping container.
  • Both the Avenger FORTY and the Avenger THIRTY will handle the heaviest jumbo columns up to 730 lbs/ft, essentially the entire catalog of steel profiles found anywhere in the world.
  • Through the tool coolant system keeps drill bits sharper longer. Standard twist drills are capable of providing well in excess of 30,000 holes per drill with resharpening, and this significantly reduces consumable costs.
  • The Drill spindle has capable of drilling holes up to 1-9/16” diameter and through any thickness up to 10″.
  • The Ocean Avenger CNC drill line is capable of handling pre-coped parts allowing the machine to be placed anywhere in the production process.
  • The Ocean Avenger utilizes an exceptionally accurate and durable laser system to determine the Zero X-reference.
  • The Y direction is measured by a CNC encoder and the Avenger includes web sensor allowing the machine to detect the REAL web center line, allowing for beams that are hot rolled out of spec.
  • The Avenger completely eliminates manual layout, and manual drilling / punching.
  • It also lays out all the marks for your welded attachments, completely eliminating the tape measure and its associated errors.
  • Provides exceptional accuracy of hole placement, eliminating costly field modifications.
  • Very space efficient – uses no more space than your current trestles.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • No computer experience required.
  • Fully automatic measuring, layout and drilling cycle.
  • Fastest return on investment of all Ocean products.
  • Immediate payback on a low investment through attractive financing options.


We stock a full range of drill bits and insert drills from several manufacturers, including

  • Ocean Penetrator Cobalt Drill Bits
  • Nachi Cobalt Twist Drill Bits
  • Allied Insert Drill Bits (spade drill bits)

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