The RVD Smart Fibre TF Tube Laser A Cut Above The Rest

Detail of the Laser Head Cutting TubeDetail of the Laser Head Cutting Tube

The RVD Smart Fibre TF Tube Laser is the latest addition to our arsenal of tube laser cutting machines, offering one of the best solutions on the market for cutting an incredible range of materials, tubular profiles and sections of every length, wall thickness and diameter.

A look in more detail, at the different processes and cuts the RVD smart Fibre is capable of and how easily and quickly it achieves them, shows just why we are looking forward to welcoming this mighty machine in to our showrooms, as well as why we expect them to very quickly head back out in the opposite direction, straight in to our customers premises up and down the country.

Firstly there is the powerful Lantek Flex3d nesting and processing software, developed specifically for tube laser cutting. This software can handle the most intricate of profiles, including round, square, rectangular, triangular and oval. You can splice, create welding-free structural designs and craft impressive numbers of small components quickly, repeatedly and easily.

It isn’t just the software that is impressive though, the RVD’s high strength, rigid gantry design along with the precision class alpha rack and pinion drive motion system ensure that everything at the business end of the machine functions just as perfectly as the brain itself, allowing the high performance nLight alta™ Fibre Laser Source and the beam delivery system to do exactly what you need them to.

For you and your business that means the capability to undertake multiple processes at once, saving labour, saving time and sending efficiency in to the stratosphere.

Automation is yet another key benefit of the RVD Fibre Laser with automatic bundle loading and clamping across a wide variety of pipe shapes and lengths, a simple and intuitive Cypcut CNC layout, (compatible with a host of widely used CAD software)and automatic edge-seeking and floating support all working together to keep human intervention to the minimum, greatly reducing damage to work pieces and precision cut materials with no need for deburring and no deformation caused by chamfering or punching.

If you’re processing flat bar and open-sided parts such as channels and angles there is also an optional magazine loading system for each of the four machines in the RVD Smart Fibre range, starting with the TF6020 which has 1.5 kW laser power and a 14mm cutting capacity on mild steel, up to the TF8030 with an impressive 4kW laser power and 25mm cutting capacity on mild steel.

The RVD Smart Fibre TF Tube Laser has the potential not just to enable your business but also to empower it: Both to create the unique designs and products your customers need and to combine the very best software with the best quality hardware and components to meet the needs of our industry, not just today but going forwards long in to the future.

For more information on the RVD Smart Fibre Laser and our range of precision laser cutters and to see which one is right for you then get in touch today.

Published 29th July 2019