Ryeford Engineering improve production with the MG Roll


When Ryeford Engineering wanted to upgrade their old bending roll machine to a new model, Selmach rose to the challenge.

We spoke to Nick Reiger (Jr.) of Ryeford Engineering, a metal fabricating company based in Gloucestershire, about the company’s experience of purchasing their MG Roll Machine and the impact it had on their lead time.

“A great service and a great machine”

What was the challenge?

The main challenge for the company was that their rolling machine was very old, and it lacked the capability to pre-bend the pieces before machining, which meant that they had to do this on a separate machine, resulting in a very slow lead time. “Our old machine was very slow, it was about 30-40 years old I think! It had no pre-bend mechanism so we had to prepare the piece prior to working on it.”

What made you choose Selmach?

Ryeford Engineering was aware of Selmach so knew what they did. When they started looking for a new machine to replace their old one, Selmach showed them how a new machine could be programmed to do the specific job they needed. “Bruce showed us that it could be tailored to our specific needs and to produce our product”.

You experienced a setback, what happened?

Initially, Ryeford Engineering purchased a Bending Roll machine but they soon discovered that the machine was not suitable for their purpose. Selmach replaced the Bending Roll machine with a new MG Roll machine, and Ryeford Engineering couldn’t be more pleased with it. “The MG Roll machine works perfectly, and does exactly what we need it to do. We make Stainless Steel tubes with a flange on either end and they must be very precise and perfect”.

Has the MG Roll machine met your challenge?

Massively. We no longer need to prepare the piece on a press machine, which adds an extra 40 minutes to a single job. Now the new machine does all that for us and now it takes only 5 minutes to do the whole job – that’s a saving of 35 minutes per piece – a drastic reduction in time.”

The time saving that The MG Roll machine has created has had a dramatic impact on the company’s output, in more ways than one. “It has definitely improved our production. Not only are we saving time on the actual job, but the engineers aren’t standing around for so long, which of course saves us money too.

What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

My overall impression of Selmach is that they are very good, very attentive – and they dealt with our problem quickly. The problems we had initially were very frustrating but the Service Team pulled out all the stops and sorted it all out for us very quickly, replacing the machine and resolving our issues within 24 hours.”


“They went over and above to sort things out for us. A very good service.”

Published 12th July 2017