Selmach Machinery have received the respected JOSCAR accreditation

Image of the Joscar logo with paperwork in the backgroundImage of the Joscar logo with paperwork in the background

Metalworking machinery suppliers, Selmach Machinery have received the respected JOSCAR accreditation demonstrating that they are ‘fit for business’ in the defence, aerospace and security sectors.

The Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR) enables some of the largest purchases in Aerospace, Defence, Security & Space sectors to identify competent suppliers.

Selmach Machinery have demonstrated their commitment to hold the appropriate credentials and are delighted to have fulfilled the requirements to be JOSCAR approved. By being a member, it assures their clients and partners that the service they provide is of the highest quality and complies with the industry standards.


“We are very pleased that we have received this prestigious accreditation, which is a demonstration of Selmach’s unrivaled committal to the highest quality and service. This gives our clients and partners the assurance that we can operate effectively in the defense, security and aerospace sectors through complying with the rigorous requirements that the JOSCAR approval brings.”

Anthony Bushnell, Company Director


JOSCAR was created by the governing body ADS to help suppliers demonstrate they are “fit for business”. Managed by the third party, Information Hellios, applicants go through a detailed process which covers company capability, accreditation’s, information security, corporate social responsibility, financial history and ethical operations. The findings are held on central systems and can be accessed by participating buying organisations to reduce the time, cost and resources needed to supply major customers.

Published 9th February 2018