How to use the HBM Horizontal Bending Press Digital Read Out System

Close image of the control panel

The Morgan Rushworth hydraulic horizontal bending machines are the perfect partner for precision bending, straightening, punching and shearing.

Available with capacities from 10 tonnes up to 100 tonnes and with a large range of optional tooling, these machines are capable of performing a whole variety of bending operations. The bending stroke and ram return positions are set using a simple digital programmer and standard tools for bending flat bars are included.

Here is a step by step rundown on how to use your machine’s digital read out system:

Firstly switch the man/auto switch to the manual position to put the machine in manual mode then refer to the digital readout displaying actual and current punch position. Below that top figure is the return stroke position (and the set 1 button to adjust it) and beneath that the forward stroke position (and the set 2 button to adjust it).

To set the return stroke position (set 1) insert your workpiece as shown in the video and make a note of that current position (the top readout); this will be the machine’s new return stroke position (set 1). Now perform the bending process until you have visually reached your required bending angle, when that is done, refer again to the current position on the readouts top screen. Again make a note of this as it will be your new forward stroke position (set 2).

Next, switch from manual to automatic mode using the same switch as before and press the set 1 button, then the arrow up & down buttons to reach your required return stroke figure (the first one you noted down) then press enter.

Do the same for set 2 to set your automatic forward stroke position (the figure you noted down after performing your bend) and hit enter. At this point it’s a good idea to do a test fold and check the angles of your material for accuracy. If corrections are needed then select set 2 and once again use the up/down arrows to decrease or increase the angle as needed.

When everything looks good, then multiple parts can be folded quickly, accurately and consistently.

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Published 18th June 2018