Meet the machines: The Sterling SRA 440 DGSA Semi Automatic Double Mitering Bandsaw

Image of the Sterling DGSA SRA 440 Bandsaw

At Selmach, we don’t just invest heavily in the machinery we sell…We like to invest in the people who sell them too. With that in mind we have recently undertaken a training program with a difference…

A chance to gain real insight into our machinery, and a chance to use them…Those in our team who need that in-depth knowledge to provide you with the best advice already have it, so why not give them a chance to share that passion? With everyone else in our team…and we do mean everyone!

With that in mind we are going to start, just as our eager team did recently, with the Sterling SRA 440 DGSA Semi Automatic Double Mitering Bandsaw

This is a very popular machine for medium sized fabricators from our Sterling SRA DGSA range of heavy duty bandsaws, and is ideal for those who want to do bigger jobs. It also represents a genuine step up from the very popular Bianco 440MS.

Renowned for its strength and durability, the SRA-440 is built to process high tonnage, and it does just that, for some of the countries’ largest and most successful companies.

With impressive strength and durability, also comes excellent capacity of 610 by 440, meaning it can handle bigger and deeper material with ease. Add the 34mm blade, carbide blade guides and double mitre with in-feed/out- feed roller track into the mix and you also have the confidence of a stable and reliable cut, with peerless accuracy.

After the cut the blade keeps rotating as the bow returns to ensure the blade isn’t pinched, whilst also cleaning off any excess swarf to eliminate the risk of jamming, while the optional spray mist attachment keeps everything cool by spreading the coolant more evenly, and the large capacity coolant tray with gauze filter ensures any swarf doesn’t find its way to places you’d rather it didn’t.

The hydraulic bow, lockable from any angle, is crafted from solid steel, making its structure both very strong and rigid unlike the cast steel bows found on smaller models. With fast-approach and auto bow height settings; it’s a bow that won’t move until you want it to or if it is fully returned, even if you hit it accidentally.

If the SRA-440 is robust, it’s also designed to be easy to use, with an ergonomic and highly mobile control panel with lockable press down gauge, allowing for the best possible operator view, and improved safety whilst cutting.

The twin cylinder semi-automatic system combines with a gear box motor with a higher torque factor than other bandsaws, making skipping during cutting a thing of the past, and greater reliability a thing of the present.

Add in the SRA-440’s impressive pivot action, electrical phase protection and a whole range of hydraulic features, such as:

  • Hydraulic bow lock at any angle
  • Hydraulic vice
  • Hydraulic cutting with variable pressure and variable pressure down feed speed

And you can start to see why we chose the Sterling SRA-440 as the first in what we hope will be a regular series. You can see it in action over on our YouTube channel or in one of our national showrooms.

Get in touch to learn more.

Published 20th July 2018