GoldCut Brand: Fitting the Best


With so many different grades of metal available, you need to have a grade of bandsaw blade that you can trust.  Our GoldCut brand of blades, together with their accompanying coolants and oils have a rich history in the most stressful of metal working fields, and by picking the right combination for your cutting needs, you can be assured of a perfect service.

GoldCut blades are available in a range of different standards, designed to cope with the exacting specifications of your job, while delivering outstanding results every time.  With over 20 years’ experience in creating and supplying these premium-range blades, you can be assured of getting the top quality for your money. Our GoldCut blades are made to order and if ordered before 3pm can be delivered the following day by express courier, to ensure you can always get your blade when you want it, without holding up your production.

GoldCut is an established range of blades that have been an industry standard for over 40 years and can match your cutting application.  The full range of blades available are:

GoldCut 424

Renowned for its high wear resistance, the bi-alfa HSS-M42 tooth tips ensures the 424 is a blade that can handle the rigours of everyday cutting but with the added security of a chromium backing strip to enhance its cutting properties. The backing strip allows the blade to flex substantially without the risk of fracture, making it suitable for the cutting of large section and high-carbon content materials such as cast irons or smaller cross sections and thin-walled tubes just as well.  This blade with its high distribution of carbide formation in the tool tips is a great all-rounder.

GoldCut Beam Master

Also benefitting from the same bi-alfa HSS-M42 tooth tips the GoldCut 424, the Beam Master has a wider set – the effective cutting width of the blade – so that it is able to clear kerf with greater ease, making it more effective at cutting a range of metals, with beams and heavy sections being its core strength.

GoldCut Boxer

The strengthened tooth area of the Boxer significantly reduces vibration in cutting, making it an ideal choice for precision cutting of thin walled tube and a huge range sectional forms. Giving you a fast and accurate throughput, this is the bandsaw blade that can increase your productivity.

GoldCut Boxer Extreme

Focused on larger sectional applications, the Boxer Extreme offers the same phenomenal anti-vibration properties of the Boxer, but designed for larger sections. Furthermore, the Boxer Extreme has a larger set, allowing it to clear kerf quickly, reducing the risk of binding under fast cutting applications.  This factor makes the Boxer Extreme ideal for tackling cutting operations in sections under stress as well as increasing blade life.


The GoldCut range set the industry standard in bandsaw cutting, and with high wear resistance, will give you impeccable cutting over a huge range of materials and sections.  All GoldCut blades are made to your order from the highest quality German blade coil, and delivered, ready for use, the very next day  But more than that, our twenty years of experience in crafting these exceptional blades means that we are experts in the field and can help you with any blade query.  Call us about our GoldCut range, or any other application that you may have.





Published 28th November 2017