Karnasch Mag Cutters

The Karnasch range of mag cutters combine the very best German precision engineering with over half a century of experience and development, to offer a range of carbide-tipped annular cutters that combine extreme hardness with unbeatable durability.

The Karnasch Hard-line range features their specially developed ‘Pearl Extreme’ coating, optimising the tungsten-carbide tip. This unique ‘TiAIN’ coating is further enhanced by a second, material-repellent and self-polishing coating delivering peerless heat resistance and maximum longevity.

The Gold-line range, crafted from Gold-Tech treated HSS-XE special steel offer reliability and durability, giving a cost-effective and versatile solution for a wide range of cutting applications.

At Selmach, we are proud to partner with Karnasch to offer a range of annular mag cutters chosen to deliver the versatility, quality and reliability that our clients demand. Each features a Nitto/universal shank, and drill depths from 30mm up to 55mm.

Karnasch Mag Cutter detail
Hardline TCT Universal 40mm

The Hardline Universal TCT 40mm

The most powerful cutter in the Karnasch range, with a 40mm drill depth with a nitto/universal shank, carbide tipped and suitable for steel (<1400N), stainless steel (>900N), grey cast iron, aluminium >10% Si, copper, brass and tin, as well as plastics and exotic metals.

Hardline TCT Universal 55mm

The Hardline Universal TCT 55mm

Similar to the Hardline Universal TCT 40mm, while offering a greater drill depth of 55mm.

Goldline Universal TCT 30mm Mag Cutter

The Goldline Universal HSS-XE 30mm

One of the most popular coated annular cutters in the Karnasch range, again featuring the nitto/universal shank, with a drill depth of 30mm the Goldline HSS-XE 30mm is suitable for steel (<900N), stainless steel (<900N), grey cast iron, aluminium (<10%Si), copper, brass and tin as well as plastics GRP/CRP.

Goldline Universal TCT 55mm Mag Cutter

The Goldline Universal HSS-XE 55mm

All of the benefits of the Goldline Universal HSS-XE 30mm, with a greater drill depth of 55mm.