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Image of man working on a machineImage of man working on a machine

What lies at the heart of good service..?

Certainly it means producing the very best product you can and of course no business can survive without a profit. But when those products are often complex, heavy duty metalworking machines with countless parts, toolings and other consumables then all of a sudden that goal of providing the very best gets a lot more challenging.

Similarly, when it comes to pricing then that very same machinery represents a significant outlay for our customers, so achieving that perfect balance between profit and value for our customers is everything…

These are challenges we meet every single day, it is a crucial part of our ethos and heritage and has been ever since the 1800’s. As a result we are market leaders, supplying all types of metalworking machinery to all corners of the globe, something that makes every one of our employees proud as they walk through our doors every day.

Machinery though, has come a long way in over two hundred years. Fortunately other aspects of the world have too, meaning we can demonstrate our commitment to the best standards of craftsmanship, quality and service in new and ever more interesting ways.

Our dedicated YouTube channel is one such example; a place to connect with people all over the world, to showcase our product lines and offer clear and concise step by step guides to help you with any issue you might come across on our impressively wide range of machines, toolings and consumables. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you are very welcome to join our growing community. If you want to see something on there that isn’t (yet) then let us know and keep an eye out for it. We already have over one hundred videos and over ten times that number in subscribers, but we are just getting started!

To run alongside our YouTube channel we also dedicate a large portion of the Selmach website to our increasingly popular knowledge base, an ever growing resource of in-depth articles free to view, just like our videos and written in an accessible, easy to understand way. We feel this goes a long way towards demonstrating that very thing we said earlier; that commitment to the best standards of service in our industry are more than just buzzwords, they are something we do as a standard and something we are proud of in an industry where too few spend the time and resources on such things.

We also devote a section of our website to servicing, where you can directly request warranty support, plan preventative maintenance visits and discuss callouts and spare parts quickly and easily.

All these things are driven by the needs of our customers, people we simply see as fellow industry professionals, people who deserve the best…That more than anything else is what lies at the heart of good service.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here , for everything else, simply click, tap or call us on 01432 346 580 or email

Published 3rd April 2019