With an extensive range of high quality metalworking pressbrakes at our finger tips we are able to supply the best machine for your requirements. With years of experience and knowledge of the industry and an in-depth understanding of a wide range of applications, our sales team strive to recommend the most suitable machinery for your specific requirement.

First class after-sales service

All of our pressbrakes can be demonstrated at any of our three branches and as part of our first class after-sales service, our trained engineers are on hand to provide technical advice and can rapidly respond to any issues that may arise. For more technical applications and training on the machine controls and handling is available from our trained engineers.

Morgan Rushworth PB NC Pressbrake

Morgan Rushworth PB NC Pressbrakes

The Morgan Rushworth PB NC is our basic range of pressbrake. It has a simple motorised backgauge system and a digital readout for your top beam postition. This machine is ideally suited to a fabricator who does a small amount of basic folding such as box folding and tread plates.

As an optional extra the Cybtouch 6 Control can be added to bring this machines up to the level of a CNC machine as it enables you to do corrections, angle measurements and programming.


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Morgan Rushworth PBS CNC Pressbrake

Morgan Rushworth PBS CNC Pressbrakes

The Morgan Rushworth PBS CNC has 3 axis as standard, Y1, Y2 and X but has the capability of going up to 5 axis if you go for the optional extras such as the CNC Crowning System and Backgauge System.

As standard, this machine comes with the ESA 530 S 2D Controller which is a very easy control use as you are able to do 2D drawing on it with bend simulation to ensure that the material will not collide with the tooling.  This range of pressbrake is ideally suited to companies doing simple to complex folding and small to large batch work.

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Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Hydraulic Pressbrake

Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC Pressbrakes

The Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC has  4 axis, Y1, Y2, X and R as standard but has the capability of going upto 10 axis if you go for the optional extras such as the CNC Crowning System, Sheet Folding Arms, the independent Tower Backgauge System  and the Angle Measurement Correction System.

As standard, this machine comes with the ESA 560 S 2D Controller which is favored among our customers and engineers due to the clear graphics and easy navigation. However, these machines can be provided with other controls such as Cybtech and Delem if preferred. This range of pressbrake is suited to companies doing complex folding and large scale production.

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Morgan Rushworth CNC mVision Interactive Pressbrake

Morgan Rushworth CNC mVision Pressbrake

The Morgan Rushworth Interactive CNC mVision offers a completely new level of connectivity between the machine and the operator.

Complex 3D products are unfolded in the machine software and projected on to the folding beam of the press brake, while life size tooling profiles appear above the actual tools ensuring the correct set up is achieved every time. In a production cycle, both bend sequence and part orientation are graphically indicated in life size as well as aligned with the correct section of the tooling.
With an mVision Press Brake training time will be reduced, wastage will be reduced and a high level of efficiency and productivity will be achieved.

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