Nargesa MT A Scrollmaker with Programmer

Main view - Nargesa-MT-A-Scrollmaker-with-Programmer

The Nargesa twisting and bending machines have been designed to coldbend and twist components for the decorative and ornamental ironwork industry. A comprehensive tooling package to enable bar twisting, bar bending and rope braiding is standard with each machine. Optional attachments for tube bending and bow top fencing are available. The quick tool change system ensures minimum down time providing maximum efficiency. The programmable models ensure job repeat-ability for consistent bending and twisting requirements.

Main view - Nargesa-MT-A-Scrollmaker-with-Programmer

This product is now discontinued however we'd be happy to discuss alternative options with you. If you're looking for consumables, servicing or spare parts for this product, please contact our sales team.

Main view - Nargesa-MT-A-Scrollmaker-with-ProgrammerMain view - Nargesa-MT-A-Scrollmaker-with-Programmer
Nargesa MT500A Automatic Scrollmaker 415v Control PanelNargesa MT500A Automatic Scrollmaker 415v Control Panel
Nargesa Scrollmaker - TwistingNargesa Scrollmaker - Twisting
Nargesa Scrollmaker - ScrollsNargesa Scrollmaker - Scrolls
Nargesa Scrollmaker - CirclesNargesa Scrollmaker - Circles
Nargesa Scrollmaker - BendingNargesa Scrollmaker - Bending
Nargesa Scrollmaker - BraidingNargesa Scrollmaker - Braiding
Nargesa Scrollmaker 415VNargesa Scrollmaker 415V
Twisting Bar – Rectangle: 35 x 8mm 35 x 8mm 50 x 10mm
Twisting Bar – Square: 20mm 20mm 40mm
Scrolls – Rectangle 40 x 10mm to 120 OD / 40 x 10mm to 220 OD 40 x 10mm to 120 OD / 40 x 10mm to 220 OD 40 x 10mm to 120 OD / 40 x 10mm to 220 OD / 50 x 10mm to 450 OD
Scrolls – Square: 16mm 220 OD 16mm to 220 OD 16mm to 220 OD / 25mm to 450 OD
Circles – Square: 16mm 16mm 20mm
Circles – Round: 16mm 16mm 20mm
Bar Bending – Rectangle: 40 x 10mm 40 x 10mm 50 x 10mm
Bar Bending – Square: 16mm 16mm 20mm
Bar Bending – Round: 16mm 16mm 20mm
Rope Braiding – Square: 4x 10mm 4x 10mm 4x 20mm
Rope Braiding – Round: 4x 10mm 4x 10mm 4x 20mm
Operation: Automatic Manual Automatic
Motor: Kw 0.37 Kw 0.37 Kw 4.0 Kw
Length: 1740mm 1740mm 2220mm
Width: 650mm 650mm 980mm
Height: 1055mm 1055mm 1280mm
Weight: 235 Kg 235 Kg 1300 Kg


* Programmable control for job repeat-ability
* Heavy duty construction.
* Rapid cold-bending of round, square and flat bar.
* Quick change tooling.


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