Lenz Metalform LTBP Treadle Box and Pan Folder

Main view - Lenz-Metalform-LTBP-Treadle-Box-and-Pan-Folder

The Lenz Metalform LTBP folder treadle system has been designed for hands free operation to position the material with the aid of a foot operated beam clamp. A spring loaded strut ensures easy bending operation. The two adjusting screws at the top of the machine can be altered according to material thickness. The fingers are machined to 45° providing a maximum bending angle of 135°.

Main view - Lenz-Metalform-LTBP-Treadle-Box-and-Pan-Folder
Main view - Lenz-Metalform-LTBP-Treadle-Box-and-Pan-FolderMain view - Lenz-Metalform-LTBP-Treadle-Box-and-Pan-Folder
Rear view Lenz-BPT-Treadle-Box-and-Pan-FolderRear view Lenz-BPT-Treadle-Box-and-Pan-Folder
MODELLTBP 1020/2.5LTBP 1220/2.0
STOCK CODE2154321544
Bending Lengthmm10201220
Maximum Folding Angle135°135°
Quantity & Size of Fingersmm 1 ea25, 30, 35, 40,23, 30, 35, 40,
45, 50, 75, 10045, 50, 75, 100
150, 200, 270150, 200, 250, 270


* Heavy duty with spring assisted bending.
* Bends heavy gauge material.
* Treadle clamping feature provides both hands available for positioning.
* Box and pan design.
* Hardened and ground fingers.


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