The Raytools Auto-Focusing Fibre Laser Cutting Head

Close up of Raytool Cutting Head cutting sheet metalClose up of Raytool Cutting Head cutting sheet metal

When it comes to fibre laser components, Swiss company Raytools have earned and enjoy one of the best reputations out there. The company, founded back in 2005 provide some of the best customised engineering solutions for fibre laser systems, a fact proven by their BM111 Series 3.3KW Auto-Focusing Laser Cutting Head.

At Selmach this is the cutting head we offer along with our arsenal of CNC fibre laser cutting machines. It is popular with the people who use them and the company’s commitment to quality matches our own, making it an obvious choice but that is only part of the story.

A closer look at the BM111 series cutting head demonstrates a range of qualities, one or two of which might be found in other cutting heads from other brands but for the whole, impressive package, the Raytools BM111 series ticks all the boxes.

Aside from the auto-focusing cutting head (with a range of +9 to -14mm and accuracy of 0.05mm) found on the BM111 series, there are a wealth of additional features. The sheer variety of optical interfaces available, including the D30 classification of lenses means the BM111 can be adapted to a variety of fibre lasers and do the very best job on each. The maximum fibre input power range is an impressive 0-3.3KW while the drawer-style lens mount allows for quick and hassle-free access to the cover glass.

The cutting head comes with a built-in motor drive unit as standard allowing for a 22mm range for the focusing lens and linear driver. Setting and programming the focus is simple to allow for quick and efficient cutting across a wide variety of plate materials and thicknesses. The ability to cope with higher power lasers comes from the combination of optimal design and water cooling and the variety of optical interfaces allows for a level of compatibility which few other manufacturers and cutting heads are able to boast.

The Raytools BM111 series is fitted as standard to our RVD Compact Fibre Lasers, our range of RVD PR Fibre Laser machines and our RVD Smart Fibre TF Tube laser line, so it goes without saying that we are happy to put our faith in such a quality component from a reliable brand.

Other specifications include a clear aperture of 28mm, ø24.9mm *1.5mm collimation protective glass and ø27.9mm *4.1mm focusing protective glass, assist gas pressure of ≤ 30 bar and a weight of around 6.5kg.

For more information on our fibre laser cutting machines and consumables such as the Raytools BM111 series auto-focusing cutting head, feel free to get in touch for no-obligation help and advice or visit one of our national showrooms to see them in action for yourself.

Published 14th February 2020