Say Farewell to Outsourcing and Cut Costs with Your Own Laser

Detail of a fibre laser cuttingDetail of a fibre laser cutting

Any kind of internet search, chats on the topic with fellow members of our industry will usually ask whether you are paying too much for laser cutting. If you are outsourcing your laser cutting then the answer is almost definitely yes, yet it is still a question that persists a lot… why is that?

The most common answer is due to the supposed price of the machine itself and they come in two main types (or resonator technologies): fibre laser and CO2. Fibre laser cutting machines rule the roost when it comes to efficiency using anywhere between 3 to 5 times less energy than their CO2 counterparts, making them around 80-90% more efficient. Combine that with advances in materials and a more competitive market and there has never been a better time to invest in one of your own.

Lower Operating Costs

Fibre lasers also enjoy much better absorption of their cutting beam by the materials you work with due to shorter light wavelengths. If you are working with 6mm copper, brass and other non-conductive materials then a 1.5kW fibre laser machine has all the muscle of a 3Kw CO2 machine. That means higher levels of productivity as well as the traditionally lower operating expenses that come with CO2 lasers and especially fibre.

Material costs

These of course are a factor which is often beyond our control however material type and thickness can affect production times. Thinner, lighter materials typically cut much quicker which by proxy costs less. A laser cutting machine’s sheer versatility in terms of materials and thicknesses is a massive boost to the adaptability of any business.

Accuracy and productivity

Laser cutting enjoys levels of accuracy to within +/- 0.005 of an inch,that makes them the go-to machine for intricate work and precise, perfectly finished workpieces. Factor in CNC control and that level of precision is delivered the first time and every time afterwards, quickly and automatically.

Time is one of the key benefits of laser cutting, not so much with outsourcing of course which can be costly and time consuming. However modern day machines are dispelling the myth that laser cutting is an expensive endeavour to undertake yourself, for time efficiency and levels of productivity you had only previously dreamt about… Well take a look at our range and get in touch to see one of our machines in action for yourself.

Our ranges include everything from the RVD compact fibre CNC machines up to the Baykal BLS ECO 1530 side loading laser, each can be demonstrated at any of our national showrooms, where you can also get technical advice and training from our trained engineers. Alternatively, consider one of our CNC plasma cutting machines too!

Published 12th December 2019