Introducing the heavy-duty, ultra compact ECP Plasma Cutting Machine

Introducing the heavy-duty, ultra compact ECP Plasma Cutting Machine

Morgan Rushworth, a name that has always been synonymous with history and quality is also a brand that drives innovation and pushes the boundaries of today into the industry of tomorrow.

Perfect proof of this is the latest addition to their family, the Morgan Rushworth ECP Compact CNC Metal Cutting Plasma Machine. It’s heavy-duty, ultra compact and durable structure is ideally suited for those whose needs exceed the entry level plasma market as well as those who don’t want to invest heavily in a high end production profile and importantly; those with limited space but unlimited vision.

For all those people and more, Morgan Rushworth has delivered an industrial plasma cutting machine with a unique place in today’s market.

A compact highflyer  

The ECP Plasma range is impressively compact thanks to its innovative design. Morgan Rushworth have achieved that by placing the side rails, bridge and table into one single heavy duty structure, which doesn’t negate on the build quality but gives a very compact footprint where space is limited.

An array of features

The compact design however doesn’t mean a lack of features. Morgan Rushworth’s ethos from day one was to offer the complete plasma cutting package and they have delivered on that without compromise to offer all the features needed for adaptability, versatility and production performance.

Hypertherm Powermax components

The ECP Plasma range is supplied with Hypertherm Powermax power sources ranging from 45 Amps all the way up to 125 Amps. These renowned Hypertherm units utilise single gas plasma technology and feature automatic cutting height control as standard to ensure the best possible cut quality and they are backed by hypertherm’s leading range of consumables and specialised variants.

Nesting software

The intuitive and user friendly Libellula auto nesting software delivers complete control through simple, step by step processes. The software allows users to easily import files directly from an external USB drive or desktop and stores them locally for quick and easy retrieval and repeat cutting, automatically applying factors such as parts spacing and cut orders.

Other features of the ECP Plasma range include:

  • Gudel helical rack and pinion system
  • High quality Eisele gearbox
  • Optional water table instead of extraction table
  • Optional Extraction/filtration system

To learn more about the new ECP Plasma range and to see how it can help your business to drive down operating costs and increase productivity through simple, superior cut quality and peerless reliability, get in touch today. Alternatively, explore the rest of our Plasma range.

Published 10th November 2020