Jonney Gates returns for further purchases after the product and service they received were so good


Jonney Gates are manufacturers of bespoke metal products such as gates, railings, balconies, spiral staircases, steel lawn edging and much more, supplying home owners and businesses in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties. Their tag-line is Jonney Gates makes metal work.

We spoke to Jon Grice at Jonney Gates, who told us that they were looking for a new set of rollers for the business. He found that Selmach could supply them with exactly the machine they needed, at a price that suited them – a Morgan Rushworth PSR Ring Rolling Machine. And, because the product and service they received were so good, they returned to Selmach for a Bianco Bandsaw and Meyer Pillar Drill.

How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

I first heard about them through a mailshot they sent to the factory. At the time I was looking for a set of rollers and they seemed to be the only company that was really marketing themselves, so I got in touch. I’m glad I did, they were very knowledgeable, I told them what I wanted and they knew what we needed. And since then I’ve had a saw and a drill from them too.

It was all very good – Selmach are a good company to deal with.

Why did you need a new roller, bandsaw and drill?

They were just what the business needed at the time. We didn’t have rollers and we were sending it out to be rolled. We needed a new saw. Selmach advised me of the machines that I could get in my price range.

Have they met your expectations?

Yes, definitely. The only thing I’m not completely happy with is the fact that the foot pedal for the roller is plastic – everything else is metal and the plastic foot pedal lets it down slightly – but that is the only thing. I had a few problems with it but Selmach sent out an engineer really quickly, so it was sorted.

How has the business benefitted overall?

We can process a lot more products much more quickly – we save a lot of time. We used to outsource the rolling which took up a lot of time and expense but now we can do it ourselves it’s so much quicker – definitely worth the investment. With the drilling and sawing – they just speed up the production.

What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

Really easy and really good – as I said they sent the engineer straight out and we had the pedal issue sorted. It was all very good – Selmach are a good company to deal with.

Tips/advice for others looking to buy the same machine?

Go for it – if you want to save time and money – invest. You won’t regret it.

To discuss how Selmach can benefit your business, contact a member of the team.

Published 8th February 2021