Meet the machines: The Meyer Turret Mill

Taking pride of place this week, on the Selmach showroom floor was the Meyer range of turret mills. High precision, accurate and impressively versatile, these are the machines for seriously accurate milling.

However the turret mill, much like its sister machine the pillar drill, is not a machine without its talking points, the most hotly debated of which is this:

Should you mill with a pillar drill and could you drill with a turret mill?

Confused..? You might be. It is a conversation our sales specialists encounter a lot. With that in mind let’s explore the issue in a little more depth. A milling machine’s primary function is milling, it can drill the occasional hole but is generally used for milling slots or T-grooves. So if your primary need is milling and occasional drilling then the Meyer Turret Mill is the one for you.
If however your primary need is drilling with an occasional need for milling we would (and always do) recommend a pillar drill with the milling table as an optional extra.

At Selmach we offer three types of Turret Mill, with the Meyer 220RX being our best seller, we import these machines for two very good reasons. Firstly they allow us to offer exceptional value for money in a no-nonsense range of machines that simply get the job done, and secondly their design is based around the classic Bridgeport Turret Mill, a machine that represented the very best of British design which is sadly no longer available despite still being widely sought after.

The 220RX has powered axes and a digital readout for the X, Y and Z axis, interlock safety guards come as standard, as do hardened slideways, a tapping facility and coolant system. Add centralised lubrication, motor brake lever and a generous sized table with T-slots and you start to see exactly why the Meyer 220RX is a consistent seller.

The Meyer’s turret head can be inclined upwards and downwards and rotated in both the vertical and horizontal plane either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Controlling the axes accurately is simple using both the hand wheels with micrometre scales and the DRO system. The 2.2 KW motor powers spindle speeds of 60-4200 rpm while the optional slotting head attachment allows for notching square holes, it is a simple heavy duty workhorse that quickly becomes indispensable in any workshop.

While more complex milling might require the accuracy and speed of a heavy duty CNC machine for precision engineering. The occasional milling jobs and teaching the next generation of engineers and apprentices in colleges and universities ensures there is still a healthy need for manual turret mills and the Meyer Turret Mill represents a fine machine to accomplish all those things.

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Article Updated 31st October 2023 to update changes in our product range

Published 7th November 2018