The Bauer Bohrmax CNC Automatic Drill and Mill

Close up detail of the drilling head and bed

The country of Germany and the very best engineering in the world are synonymous. That has been the case for many years and Bauer Maschinebau have been playing their part in that well-earned reputation since 1937. With the philosophy that “quality combined with reliability creating trust and efficiency” is always the most convincing sales tool, the Arnstorf – based company have produced some of the very best metalworking machines of their kind to satisfied customers around the world for over 70 years. They continue to do so today and, for us at Selmach, that’s a pedigree worth looking into more, so we did just that and one machine stood out…

For anyone in need of further convincing, look no further than the mighty Bauer Bohrmax CNC drill and mill

If you are drilling or light milling on longer workpieces the Bohrmax gives you a table bed of anywhere between four to an incredible ten metres, allowing for a single operator and several workstations along the length of the work table for true production line fabrication. Tool changes are automatic, with the option to have every tool you’ll need in a ten-station magazine, while the CNC control and simple, intuitive software and 2D/3D control panel mean you can kiss goodbye to manual marking and enjoy the accuracy of machine-measured tool lengths for precision, peerless control and fast, efficient production.

The CNC controls, unlike some, don’t require specialised knowledge and experience. Just a solid 2-3 hours of training will suffice to drill (up to 32mm diameter), mill (round holes or slots up to 500mm across), tap, countersink, ream or flow drill to an accuracy of 0.1mm. All that on a machine bed that is large enough to take several narrow components side by side, and long enough to nest shorter ones along the bed; one set up for a multitude of parts, all with a standard tooling such as BT40 that you most likely already have.

Traditionally machines as robust and well engineered as this come at a premium; the very best German components, the solid structure, perfect for the engineering and fabrication industry. Add to that the truly amazing potential to save time, money and drastically improve your automation and workflow and you’d be forgiven for assuming that the initial outlay might be considerable…

The very reason why we are delighted to offer the Bauer Bohrmax CNC drill and Mill, aside from its excellent pedigree, is its sheer value for money. Get in touch and prepare yourself for a very pleasant surprise…

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Published 4th February 2019