The Pehu LMS System, A Made to Measure Solution

PEHU LSM 15 Roller Track Measuring System

In our industry, there is little room for operator error, particularly when it comes to measurements. The traditional tape and marking method is fantastic in experienced and diligent hands but when it comes to the crunch, for accuracy and consistency across the board all day, every day, there is no substitute for a good solid measuring system.

The very best quality work means nothing if the dimensions are even slightly off.

Enter the Pehu LMS manual measuring system an extensive range of cost effective and easy to use end length stop measuring systems for sawing, drilling, punching and shearing.

All are powered models; manually operated with the current stop position indicated clearly via the digital readout, some models (the Pehu LMS30- LMS80 for example) can even be configured to serve as highly efficient material feed systems as well as first class measuring systems due in no small part to their precision linear guidance rail system.

The operator only needs to enter the desired stop position in to the NC control panel then watch the system automatically run through the program until completion. Specific systems can easily be configured to work in conjunction with your drills, saws, steelworkers and punches. The Pehu LMS system’s rotary encoder ensures positioning accuracy and just one single setup is needed for as many cuts of the same length as the job needs.

Optional add-ons include a manual or powered flip up stop for cutting of longer materials, a choice between pneumatic or hydraulic grippers on the feeding system and a gravity or powered roller track to suit your individual needs.

The Pehu LMS manual measuring system does everything needed to make old fashioned tape measures a thing of the past, cutting operator measuring errors by up to 50% and supercharging productivity by being up to 10X faster.

For more information on our range of Pehu LMS manual measuring systems, to see them in action for yourself at one of our national showrooms and to learn which might be right for you and their compatibility with your existing machinery, get in touch today for help, advice and guidance. Or for more information on our Roller Track and Measuring systems, click here.

Published 23rd October 2019