Get some predator power with a fearsome Piranha Steelworker

Close up detail of the Piranha Steelworker demonstrating Press Brake Tooling Attachment

Are you looking for a machine with a bit of an attitude? Then you’ll want to consider the Piranha Steelworker. A machine that certainly lives up to its name – with a deep, durable body and sharp teeth – it has quite a bite to it.

This compact, quality-built efficient and machine is a wonder of the metal fabricating industry – it requires little floor space, sits approximately 44” from the ground, and is portable. But despite its modest size it is pure muscle, with five hydraulically-powered stations – Punch, flat shear, angle shear, angle and sheet bending attachment, and notch station for you to get the job done. As if that wasn’t enough, an optional press brake tooling attachment can be fitted to the machine too.

And no, you won’t spend valuable minutes changing tools – this machine doesn’t hang around, and you can change between the punch attachment to the bending attachment (almost) within the blink of an eye, and the shear station has a quick release hold down too, thereby reducing your production time.

Being of a very simple design, the Piranha is incredibly easy to operate with all attachments and stations at the same height, so there’s no need to adjust the feed table height between stations.

This versatile machine comes with a wealth of benefits. For example, with the punch station, you get a better-quality punch with the help of urethane hold-downs to keep the material flat; they clamp and unclamp the material automatically for more accurate shearing. The four shear edges on each blade limit the wear and tear on the blade, which makes for more cost-effective shearing. There is a good line of sight to the shear blade for more accurate cutting and the low rake angle shear blade results in flatter, quality parts being produced. But there are so many more benefits; you’d need to check them out yourself to feel the full force of its efficiency.

Adaptable and versatile, simple in design, heavy in construction, and with efficient, safe operator features, the Piranha is an ironworker with real attitude. But its ease of use and its efficiency makes it rather a friendly chap too.

So, if you want a machine that punches, shears, angles and bends, one that is easy to use and enhances cost efficiency in your business, then the Piranha is the machine you need. Available as a single and a dual operator, it arrives at your place of business fully assembled. You need only find a spot for it, plug it in, add a little hydraulic oil, and you’re away.

Published 15th May 2018