The Advantages of the MG CNC Bending Rolls

The Advantages of the MG CNC Bending Rolls

Bending rolls are invaluable when it comes to producing precision shapes from sheet material. However, some contracts may require something other than simple circular forms and a set of rolls can also be used to produce every type of curve up to full circles, triangular forms with rounded corners, and even elliptical sections.

Any set of rolls can produce these but to make them reliably and consistent requires even more skill. That is, of course, is unless you have the power of a set of MG CNC bending rolls.

The Power of CNC

Computer Numeric Control on any workshop machine spells two important factors; precision and repeatability. Once programmed, a CNC machine will deliver the same components again and again, and since it only then requires feeding with material, operation can be left to a lower skilled worker, cutting your costs and leaving your talented workers to doing work more appropriate to their skillset.

The MG CNC bending rolls are fully programmable and have a huge internal capacity for program storage, so once a component has been drawn, tested and is corrected, it is saved to the onboard memory ready for recall at any point.


Precision in, Precision out

Creating a component like a curved-corner triangle would be almost impossible with a manual or powered sheet roll because the curves and angles required would require a great deal of skill along with a huge amount of trial and error. Doing it once would be difficult, but doing it consistently when rolling multiple parts would make it near impossible without the help of the level of precision positioning that CNC gives. Once your engineers have worked out the initial geometry of the finished piece, and the coordinates have been fed into the MG’s internal memory, it will simply reproduce the work every time the program is selected and run. That gives you peace of mind that if a customer requests a re-run, you have the ability to fulfill it.


Fully Powered, Always Ready

The MG CNC sheet rolls comprises a four-roll system that supports the work fully at all times as it is processed and its planetary roll movement allows for reduced friction on the work surface, further increasing precision. The machine has a bearing system that is fully sealed so maintenance can be kept to a minimum, resulting in maximum production capability, and the induction hardened roller surfaces are unaffected by high throughput.

When investing in a roller system, you need to consider several factors, with cost being fairly high but the quality of work also being a major consideration. The repeatability and precision of the CNC system, together with the support of the four-roll configuration make machines like the MG Roller advantageous in almost every aspect. If you want the job done right, this is the machine to do it. With MG machines, the skill is in the programming, and then it becomes a tool that anyone can use.

Published 31st May 2017