Optional Extras to Consider with your Guillotine

Close up detail of the optional swing up front guard on a guillotine

Whether you are the proud owner of a Mechanical, or Hydraulic guillotine, the range of add-ons and optional extras can be daunting.

Which you choose can make all the difference between having the right equipment for today’s tasks and the versatility to be able to handle tomorrow’s, so it is well worth taking a moment or two to familiarise yourself with what’s out there.


Mechanical Guillotines

Quick cutting and ideal for mass production, mechanical guillotines can sometimes be limited by smaller capacities of around 4-5mm compared to hydraulic and CNC machines and generally, a fixed gauge.

The optional pneumatic sheet support and unloading system is one of our highly recommended optional extras for the mechanical range as so many people experience problems working with larger sheets of metal without support at the rear of their machines.

A programmable backgauge is also a godsend on a mechanical guillotine, that’s why another of our most popular optional add-ons is the excellent Elgo NC programmable backgauge. Both allow you to get the very best out of what will always be a very popular type of guillotine.


Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotines

Easy to use and by far the most popular type of guillotine for our industry in recent times, capacities are impressive up to 25mm thickness and the blade gap is adjustable. It is important to note though that these machines have a fixed rake. For smaller work pieces and thinner strips, a variable rake guillotine can often prove much better.

One of the key optional extras for our hydraulic swing beam machines is the motorised Delem DAC 310 controller with fully powered blade gap adjuster for peerless accuracy as well as the front light finger guard system and pneumatic sheet supports for heavy duty jobs and heavier plate. Other popular options include an angle gauge, 1000mm backgauge and longer squaring arm and support arms.

Another popular and incredibly useful add-on for our Hydraulic swing beam guillotines is the CybTouch 8 NC controller with CNC features, holding up to 200 programs and compatible with a wide array of sheet and plate metalworking machinery and a user friendly, simple interface.


Variable Rake CNC Guillotines

Available in a range of widths and capacities, variable rake machines eliminate deformations in thinner, smaller plates and have an adjustable blade gap like their hydraulic sister machines.

Sheet support is again another highly recommended option for our variable rake CNC machines, particularly when working with larger sheets that can ‘droop’ out of the back of machines if left unchecked, affecting accuracy and cut quality if not addressed.

There’s an array of other optional extras to make life easier for your variable rake machine, such as finger guards with interlock switch, powered blade gap and anti-twist device.

For more information on our extensive guillotine range and which optional extras might be best for you and your business, get in touch today.


Published 18th October 2019