The history of the Morgan Rushworth Guillotine

Illustration drawing of an old style guillotineIllustration drawing of an old style guillotine

The guillotine, much like any other machine we design, craft and sell today is as much a product of evolution as innovation. Born to fill our customer’s specific needs, these machines have changed over time just as the needs of our industry have changed.

That is a really big idea when you are talking about a company such as Morgan Rushworth, whose story began all the way back in 1872, not too long after the industrial revolution, at a time when Britain lead the way with engineering feats that quite literally turned dreams into reality and made the impossible an everyday occurrence.

To do that, ever more complex materials were needed, and the means to fabricate, shape them and form them into the structures, designs and ideas that would change the world forever. It just so happened that; in a small town in Halifax, Yorkshire The Rushworth & Co Factory were enjoying a growing reputation for producing some of the best machines for the job, including their revolutionary shearing machines.

After the turn of the century, in the early 1900’s the Morgan Company began its rise to prominence. Good reputations meant as much back then as they do today and in a modest workshop in the small town of Lye in the Midlands, Morgan were starting to earn one of the very best; a fact proven by their long relationship with the Ministry of Defence throughout wartime Britain. During later decades they moved to much larger premises at Providence St. Works in Lye and expanded their range to include ever more efficient guillotine shears and press brakes amongst many other things.

In 1972, a whole century after the birth of Rushworth & Co, these two of the country’s finest and most well established pioneers in their industry combined to create the Morgan Rushworth brand, proudly acquired in 2008 by the UK Machinery Group (UKMG) of which Selmach are a key stakeholder. Through research, development and the sharing of manufacturing techniques; the mechanical guillotines and hand shears of old quickly became something else, something even better.

Today’s Morgan Rushworth sheet metal guillotines represent some of the finest of their type in the world, driving our industry into the new millennium much like their predecessors drove the booms that followed the industrial revolution and the war effort. Today state of the art hydraulics and cutting edge CNC systems have replaced what came before, but our ethos is exactly the same.

A range of machines that are driven by our customer’s needs, from a brand with a reputation for trust and reliability earned over many years. Along with the promise that, whichever new and exciting directions the future of our industry takes, the Morgan Rushworth brand will be aiming to provide innovative and high quality solutions, just the same as always…

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Published 18th December 2018