The Lottery of Second Hand Machinery

Image of old machinery in an old warehouseImage of old machinery in an old warehouse

Budgets and bargains; two things that most of us have in common. We all love a bargain and the vast majority of us shop to a budget.

Companies and industry professionals are just the same, all have their own very unique needs and budgets, with that in mind it stands to reason that the market in second hand machinery is a popular one.

But it can be a market fraught with pitfalls…


Replacing old with older…

Imagine for a moment, your shiny, top of the range mobile phone is due for replacement. It might be full of your favourite tunes, your beloved family snaps and all the apps you need to make it through the day.

Would you consider replacing it with a cheap second hand 15 year old model..? One which only holds a few numbers and perhaps a game or two?

It’s an unusual analogy but one that is worth bearing in mind for anyone treading a path through the second hand machinery market, your expectations simply have to be realistic based on your budget and a second hand machine will almost always never be as good as a brand new one…


The CNC problem

There are exceptions of course, often with simpler machines with very standard parts it might often be possible to replace like for like, but what about machines with CNC controls? Even with solid working parts and good overall condition, their hearts are the software that control them and that might be software that is up to three decades old.


Trusted sellers

Guarantees obviously play a large part in the decision making process for second hand machinery, but here again there are problems. A company which receives machines in part exchange knows little about their past workloads and maintenance history. At Selmach we offer our ex-demo machines, machines we know well and can confidently warrant to our customers. We also sell a wide range of used machinery which is realistically and fairly graded after a thorough review by our specialist engineers guaranteeing its condition.

Without that guarantee, and with the added likelihood that parts will need replacing much sooner in second hand machines (if they can be sourced at all, a whole other problem!) the full life cost of a second hand machine is…well, who can possibly predict?

In business that kind of uncertainty is something we all need to avoid.


A bigger budget equals cheaper business costs

A new machine will require a bigger budget initially, but then the full life cost of your machine, all those nasty, sudden and often costly repairs and maintenance bills is much more predictable. Parts and labour are covered under warranty and you have a modern, economical machine that will serve you well long in to the future.

Ultimately, if you are a sole trader, a hobbyist or a small business, the second hand machinery market might just be for you. However if you rely on production line efficiency where quality and accuracy count, then the lottery of the used market might be one you’ll wish to avoid.

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Published 15th October 2019