Morgan Rushworth XR Fibre Laser Cutting Machines


The Morgan Rushworth XR range of fibre lasers are equipped with a 3m x 1.5m cutting area with automatic shuttle table with dual pallet changer enabling parts to be safely loaded and unloaded whilst the machine is still cutting. The design includes the fibre laser source and chiller inside the body of the machine resulting in a compact footprint, ideal for the smaller workshop, as well as fast start up time from delivery of the machine to production cutting. Class leading components ensure superior cut quality, high reliability and reduced down time.

The range covers from 1kw up to 4kw which with the high performance rack and pinion system for X & Y axis and rigid gantry and frame structure, resulting in fast acceleration, fast positioning speeds and fast cutting times. A user friendly touch screen CNC control allows parts to be programmed on the screen or inmported from an office PC, providing flexible modes of operation

Stcok CodeFibre laser sourceMaximum cutting capacityX Axis travelY Axis travelZ Axis travelMaximum sheet sizePositioning speedAxis accelerationShuttle table exchange timeMaximum table capacityPositioning accuracyLengthWidthHeightWeight
Mild steelStainless steelAluminiumStandardBeckhoffStandardBeckhoff
3015.10001.0 kW nLIGHT1043300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.15001.5 kW nLIGHT1265300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.20002.0 kW nLIGHT1586300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.30003.0 kW nLIGHT18108300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.40004.0 kW nLIGHT201212300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.10001.0 kW IPG YLR1043300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.20002.0kW IPG YLR1586300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.30003.0kW IPG YLR18108300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.10001.0kW IPG YLS1043300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.20002.0kW IPG YLS1586300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.30003.0kW IPG YLS18108300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000
3015.40004.0kW IPG YLS201212300015001003000 x 1500901101.523810000.0590452280200012000


  • Class leading nLIGHT or IPG fibre laser source available from 1Kw – 4Kw
  • Raytools cutting head with auto focus and anti-collision functionality
  • Yaskawa servo motors and drives
  • Wittenstein rack and pinion system with automatic lubrication
  • SMC automatic gas selection system
  • 19” touch screen controller with part graphic view and extensive cutting parameter data base
  • Automatic sheet edge detection with skew allowance
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning and calibration
  • Class leading Libellula software
  • Fast shuttle table change time
  • Large window viewing area with laser protective material
  • Light guard protection for shuttle table


  • Precitec LightCutter cutting head (Standard with 4kw)
  • Beckhoff CNC controller, servo motors and drives – increases acceleration and positioning speed
  • Lantek or Metalix software
  • CCTV view of cutting action
  • Fume extractor with filters
  • Air compressor and dryer

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