Vanterm ECO Series-Mobile Welding Fume Filter Unit

Main view - Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-Unit

The Vanterm ECO series mobile welding fume filter units are an economical solution for low frequency (Daily 2-3 hours) welding fume filtration. Fully compliant to CE standards.

Main view - Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-Unit
Main view - Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-UnitMain view - Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-Unit
Vanterm ECO Series-Mobile Welding Fume Filter Unit image 2Vanterm ECO Series-Mobile Welding Fume Filter Unit image 2
Line Diagram - Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-Unit_LineLine Diagram - Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-Unit_Line
Line Diagram - Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-Unit_LineLine Diagram - Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-Unit_Line
Sound Levels Chart for Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-UnitSound Levels Chart for Vanterm-ECO-Series-Mobile-Welding-Fume-Filter-Unit
ModelCapacityMotorFilter SurfaceFilter Sound LevelWeight (w/o arm)
ECO:1 (F9)1300 m3/h1,1 kW21 m22 pcs.69db(A)110 kg
ECO:1 (H13)1300 m3/h1,1 kW23 m22 pcs.69db(A)110 kg
ECO:2 (F9)2600 m3/h2,2 kW42 m23 pcs.76db(A)180 kg
ECO:2 (H13)2600 m3/h2,2 kW46 m23 pcs.76db(A)180 kg
*All motors 50hz-3000rpm


  • Economical solution for low frequency Daily 2-3 hours open current mobile welding fume filtration solution.
  • Fully compatible design according respective DIN, EN, ISO and CE standards
  • Fully compatible design to EN ISO 15012 W3 standard . (Certification in
  • As standard contamination free filter change from clean air side
  • Prolonged 300-600 hours filter life with special inlet diffuser. (Filter lifetime subject to welding rod type and work in tensity)
  • Fully sealed dust free filter mounting with filter sealing and compression.
  • As Standard F9 class filter elements 95 % dust separation for 0,3 1 mi cron particles) or Optional H13 HEPA
  • Filter 9 9,95% dust separation for 0, 1 0,2 mi cron particles.
  • As standard “Dirty Filter Signal” warns insufficient air extraction when filter elements are
  • Increased fire safety with Special inlet diffuser and vertically placed metal mesh pre-filter
  • As standard vertical clean air outlet with silencer ensures low sound levels and no interference with surroundings.
  • High Efficiency and Low Drag External Joint EK 2 type extraction arms are standard accessory.
  • Extraction arm joint hose material is special alloy polyurethane which is Flame Retardant certified acc to DIN410 2 B1 (standard) and High Wear Resistant
  • ECO series filter units are equipped with high efficiency backward curved and G6.3 level dynamically and statically balanced.
  • ECO series special design ensure s the most user friendly, fast and easy maintenance in its class.


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