Selmach awarded the New Eagle Laser Agency in the UK

Close up of the Eagle laser head cutting metalClose up of the Eagle laser head cutting metal

At Selmach as a part of the UKMG (UK Machinery Group) our search for innovation and quality takes us far and wide, quite literally to all corners of the world. We don’t just mean a friendly phone call or an online Q&A or video chat, if a range catches our eye, or we come across a company or product that we feel might benefit our customers then we always look to go and meet them, to see what they are all about and to give them an impression of who we are and what we can do.

EuroBLECH, the international sheet metal working technology exhibition is the perfect place to do just that, and this autumn we headed to Hanover in Germany for the event’s 25th incarnation to meet a company at the absolute top of their game…

The UK Machinery Group at EuroBLECH

The company are Eagle from Walcz in Poland, and their game, so to speak is laser cutting machines. What makes Eagle stand out from the crowd, and where their machines really tower head and shoulders above the rest is in their commitment to quality and innovation which has lead to some of the most reliable systems available anywhere in the world. It is clear to us that this has been achieved through high standards across the design, manufacture and construction process and the result is some of the world’s most advanced, reliable and productive fiber lasers.

Add to that Eagle’s ongoing focus on their customer’s needs for faster more efficient production, ever greater reliability and their excitement in expanding their technological leadership even further beyond that of their rivals, and you can see why that trip to Hanover was one that we were looking forward to.

The outcome of our visit and meeting was that the great impression we had of them was mutual and we are delighted to announce that Selmach, along with our partner organisations that comprise the UKMG will be offering the Eagle range of laser cutters; the Eagle iNspire, the Eagle eVision and the Eagle eSmart to our customers.

The Eagle iNspire series is a high end range dedicated to precision and the demands of mass production. The eVision is an economical series tailored towards the diverse needs of today’s industry and the eSmart has been designed for seamless, easy use while taking up the minimum of space.

Eagle have created a range of machines to fill every niche, adding them to our showrooms and offering them to our customers gives the incredibly diverse range of choice and formidable level of service that Eagle, Selmach and the UKMG all hold so dear.

For further information about the Eagle range of laser cutters or for any other queries, get in touch: click, tap or call us on +44 (0)1432 346 580, email or get in touch via our website

Published 7th January 2019