Why choose the Thomas Zip 29 for your business?

Detail of a bandsaw control and saw arm

So, you need a new mitre saw? One that is reliable, accurate and doesn’t eat too much into your machine budget, right?

We understand that you want to get the best and most economical machine for your business and that’s why we recommend the Thomas Zip 29 bandsaw. This no-nonsense Dual Mode Single Mitre band saw, with auto down feed, is a heavy weight machine indeed. It makes easy work of sawing mild steel and stainless-steel materials.


A good-quality cut

Your investment in this machine is definitely worth it for the high level of accuracy you’ll gain. To make a precise cut you need a good level of control. The Thomas Zip 29 features a pull-down feed with variable descent control, together with the blade tension indicator. There are blade and carbide guides, and the vice and saw frame are built of cast-iron, all house on a strong metal bed so you get a stable and vibration-free cut.

The Thomas Zip features a control panel positioned to keep hands away from the high-speed cutting blade. It has a safety interlock switch fitted to the band wheel cover, and a coolant system to cool and lubricate the blade.



The Thomas Zip is a fast cutting machine, powered by a substantial two-speed electrical motor. It features a quick mitring swivel head up to 60º with a quick release vice, so it can have your piece cut accurately in no time. These machines are quiet running too, so you can actually hear yourself think.


About Thomas

We are proud to put our name to the machinery that we supply, and the quality of the machines is of utmost importance to us, which is why we work with some of the best manufacturers in the world. The Thomas range of sawing machines has been manufactured in Italy since 1957 and as machine build goes, this range is definitely not to be sniffed at.

Any business looking to make precise, accurate cuts, again and again will need a Thomas Zip 29 in their factory. With high-quality components and attention to design, the Thomas Zip single mitre band saw will tolerate years of intense use in your busy workshop, making it an excellent return on investment.

A good all round and truly heavy-duty machine, this is a band saw for the fabrication and engineering markets, but with a difference – the difference is that it’s a jolly good product for the money. You simply won’t get better value for the price.


For more information on our range of bandsaws, or for help and advice about which machine will be right for you, get in touch today.

Published 28th April 2018