TML 250 Permanent Lifting Magnet


The new TML 250 Permanent Lifting Magnet enables easier lifting, moving, positioning, aligning, forming and transporting of your sheet & plate metal materials during production.

Technical Spec

Magnetic Contact Surface135 x 65mm
Height191mm (open leaver)
Length240mm (leaver)
Max Loadup to 250kg (1:3 safe working mode)
Lifting Force750kg Max


  • Up to 250kg Lifting force at 10mm material thickness and 90kg lifting force already at 3mm material thickness. The stated performance adds a safety-factor of 3 for the lifting operation. This means that the tear off force needs to be three times the maximal lifting force.
  • Outstanding performance on think walled materials
  • Weight reduction of 70% at the same lifting force
  • Effortless and ergonomical one-lever mafnet activation
  • Revolutionary magnetic technology allows for a much wider range of lifting solutions
  • 360° rotating lifting hook
  • Tin-coated, hardened steel magnetic adhesive surface