Morgan Rushworth HDPX Range of High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting Machines


The Morgan Rushworth HDPX Range of Hyperformance High Definition XD CNC plasma cutting machine offers a virtually dross free cutting of profiles in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheet and plate material. The advanced Hypertherm Hyperformance plasma unit with highly effective cutting capacities comes as standard equipment on the HDPX machine and ensure fast production and high quality finished component parts. The Hypertherm MicroEDGE CNC controller can accept drawings in DXF and DWG file format from a disk, CD, via the USB port or through an ethernet connection. Alternatively standard shapes that have been preloaded can be edited and are dimensioned as required with the keypad control and visualised on the LCD screen. This plasma machine requires an extraction/filtration system, which can be supplied as optional equipment, or alternatively the machine can be connected to a new or existing factory ducted system.

Technical Spec

The Table Size can range from 1500 x 3000mm – 6000 x 36000mm depending on your requirements.

Mild Steel Cutting Capacity
Dross free16mm32mm38mm38mm
Production pierce32mm38mm50mm50mm
Maximum cutting capacity38mm64mm80mm80mm
Truehole Technology12mm20mm25mm25mm
Stainless steel cut capacity
Production pierce20mm32mm45mm75mm
Maximum cutting capacity25mm50mm75mm100mm
Aluminium cut capacity
Production pierce20mm25mm38mm75mm
Maximum cutting capacity25mm50mm80mm160mm





  • Single station drilling head (requires EDGE Pro control)
  • Three station drilling head (requires EDGE Pro control)
  • Six station drilling head (requires EDGE Pro control)
  • Bevel cutting plasma head (increases bed width by 500mm. Requires EDGE Pro control)
  • CNC tube plasma attachment (requires EDGE Pro control)
  • Upgrade to Hypertherm EDGE Pro CNC control
  • Extraction/filtration unit
  • Auto nesting software


  • HyPerformance High Definition plasma cutting technology for unmatched reliability
  • Advanced XD technology with patented LongLife®, PowerPierce® and with optional equipment TrueHole™ capability
  • Hypertherm automatic gas console
  • Hypertherm torch height control
  • Superior consistent quality dross free finish without the requirement for secondary operation
  • Maximised productivity with minimised operating costs
  • Electrical current and gas pressure applied in a gradual controlled manner at the beginning and at the end of the cut resulting in an increase of seamable life of six to eight times greater than comparable traditional systems
  • High efficiency Hypertherm plasma unit and windows based MicroEDGE Pro CNC controller to ensure perfect operational harmony
  • Hypertherm ProNest 2012 nesting software
  • 180mm touch screen LCD display
  • Large range of standard table sizes, with special sizes available on request
  • Strong steel frame designed to withstand constant high speed production
  • X and Y axis travel on precision linear guide rails
  • Fast positioning with Siemens brushless AC servo motor
  • Positioning accuracy to 0.01mm
  • Automatic torch ignition and height control
  • Arc voltage feedback to control optimum torch height position
  • Mechanical and electronic collision avoidance system
  • Marking and cutting of material performed with the same plasma torch
  • Torch can be set manually to bevel up to 45 degrees
  • Fume extraction system beneath the table with exhaust connection at rear of machine that can be connected to factory extraction system or to optional filtration unit