Morgan Rushworth HSP125 CNC Punch


The Morgan Rushworth HSP CNC Punch Range are fully automatic punching machines. The punch station has three tool holders for varying hole sizes. The hydraulic grippers clamp the material and move the work piece by CNC command to punching positions. Work pieces can be easily drawn up on the CNC control and saved for future use. The HSP CNC range are high production machines.

Technical Spec

Diameter x Maximum Thicknessmm34 x 26
Maximum Diameter x Thicknessmm55 x 16
Stroke Lengthmm110 x 5
Throat Depthmm80
Largest Hole Diameter – Standardmm21
Largest Hole Diameter – Optionalmm625
Motor Powerkw11
Nett Weightkg3760


  • Table sizes 3050 x 500mm
  • X/Y movement 1600 x 600mm
  • Three punch stations
  • Max table weight 250kg.
  • Material thickness capacity 2-25mm
  • Positioning precision 0.1mm
  • Adjustable table clamps according to material thickness.
  • Min punching distance on sides: 60mm
  • Includes software
  • You can enter and save programmes (CAM)