Baykal BLS-N Neo 3015/4000 Fibre Laser Cutting Machines


The Baykal BLS-N “NEO” range of large format, high power laser cutting systems takes sheet and plate cutting to a new dimension. Large format material can now be processed at feed rates previously only seen in smaller systems. Traditionally large format machines have utilised slower, less accurate, rack and pinion
drive systems, forcing users to reposition plates to allow cutting of larger material sizes. The traditional design falls short in both cutting speed and accuracy and reduces production performance.
The BLS-N “NEO” uses a new design, high performance class ,rack and pinion system to ensure positional accuracy, and its modular format allows for systems to be offered in sizes from 3000mm x 1500mm up to 3000mm x 12000mm plate capacity. With the use of fibre laser technology there is no need to move the
laser source or plate, therefore allowing high speed, high accuracy cutting; coupled with dual pallet changer with shuttle table maximum production is ensured throughout.

Technical Spec

Laser PowerkW4.0
Laser SourceFibre
X Axis Travelmm3000
Y Axis Travelmm1500
Z Axis Travelmm120
Maximum Sheet Sizemm3050 x 1525
Maximum Positioning Speed – X-Y Axism/min105
Maximum Positioning Speed – Simultaneousm/min148
Axis AccelerationG1.5
Positioning Accuracymm± 0.08
Repetitive Accuracymm± 0.03
Cutting Thickness Range – Mild Steelmm0 – 20
Cutting Thickness Range – Stainless Steelmm0 – 12
Cutting Thickness Range – Aluminiummm0 – 10


  • Fume and dust extraction and filtration system with 5000 m3 per hour capacity
  • Additional 5” or 7.5” Lens Cartridge – allows fast restart of production by reducing set up time in the event of lens failure or damage
  • Additional Lens Protective Window Cartridge – allows fast restart of production by reducing set up time in the event of glass failure or damage
  • Automatic Close Down Timer System – full close down sequence initiated at time pre-set in CNC control. CNC will check for cutting head movement and job status
  • Parts & Debris Conveyor
  • Spare Consumables Starter Package
    • Cutting Lens 5”
    • Cutting Lens 7.5”
    • Protective Window Glass (2 pieces)
    • Cutting Nozzle 0.8mm (3 pieces)
    • Cutting Nozzle 1.0mm (3 pieces)
    • Cutting Nozzle 1.2mm (3 pieces)
    • Cutting Nozzle 1.5mm (3 pieces)
    • Cutting Nozzle 1.8mm (3 pieces)
    • Cutting Nozzle 2.0mm (3 pieces)
    • Cutting Nozzle 2.5mm (3 pieces)
    • Cutting Nozzle 3.0mm (3 pieces)
    • Capacitive Sensor Ceramic
    • Optic Cleaning Kit


  • High performance IPG Photonics Fibre Laser Source
  • Fibre optic beam delivery system
  • Precitec  Laser Cutting Head  with cassette system for quick lens replacement and protective window to ensure maximum lens life
  • 5” and 7.5” lenses
  • Crash protection system for Laser Cutting Head
  • Height sensor controls constant height above the work piece
  • Automatic CNC controlled nozzle cleaning at a set number of pierces prevents spatter build up further enhancing height accuracy
  • Automatic gas selection system from the CNC, controlling the gas selection and pressure for both the cutting and the assist gasses.
  • Programmable high pressure cutting at 25 bar
  • High strength, rigid gantry design with stress relief and precise machining assures the accuracy of the machine and allows acceleration up to 1.5G
  • High acceleration increases accuracy of parts with small radii and sharp corners when processing at high speeds
  • High precision class rack and pinion drive motion system
  • Water chiller for laser resonator
  • Sectionalised Fume Extraction Cutting Table with pneumatically operated  flaps between compartments controlled by the CNC
  • Dual pallet hydraulic lift transfer table with 2450kg capacity allowing cutting during loading and unloading
  • CE compliant complete machine enclosure and light barrier system
  • Ergonomic free standing CNC control console with 19” TFT colour monitor
  • Beckhof TwinCat CNC Control System
  • Lantek Nesting Software with the ability to import a variety of file formats including DXF with additional design model allowing parts to drawn from within the software. The Lantek software incudes includes a powerful nesting module including setting the cutting sequence of the parts and generating the CNC cutting program