Bauer SBA CNC Saw & Drill Line 415V


Fully manufactured in Germany, the SBA Saw & Drill Line from Bauer Sägemaschinen, is a cost effective solution for the processing of small to medium components. By building on the 10 years success of their VG450L Automatic Double Mitre Vice Feed Bandsaw, with the addition of a multi axis CNC drilling unit, Bauer have created an extremely versatile and compact line. Sawing and drilling operations in beams, channels and sections can be quickly and easily programmed via the Siemens CNC Control. The drilling unit can be configured with 2 or 3 drilling heads in different axes according to requirements, while options include a marking unit, 10 station tool changers for each drilling head and a higher powered motor for drilling holes up to 34mm diameter.

Technical Spec

Sawing Capacitites
Rectangular Section / Beam at 90°mm410 x 580
Rectangular Section / Beam at 45° Left & Rightmm410 x 390
Rectangular Section / Beam at 60° Rightmm410 x 260
Blade Sizemm4450 x 34 x 1.1
Cutting Speedm/min20 – 130
Drilling Capacities
Vertical Boring Head – Horizontal Travelmm600
Vertical Boring Head – Vertical Travelmm160
Horizontal Boring Head – Horizontal Travelmm320
Horizontal Boring Head – Vertical Travelmm500
Drilling Capacity in MIld Steel (Standard)mm25
Drilling Capacity in MIld Steel (Optional)mm34
Drilling SpeedRPM140 – 1450
Motors (Standard)kW4.0
General Specifications
Length of Feeding Systemmm9000
Maximum Stroke Length (Standard)mm8000
Maximum Stroke Length (With optional pusher)mm6000
Feeding Speedm/min0 – 10
Bed Heightmm930
Length (approx)mm13000
Width (approx)mm2500
Height (approx)mm2500
Weight (approx)kg4000


  • Extended length of material infeed system – 1000mm increments
  • Pusher unit for feeding system
  • Hydraulic bundle clamp for feeding system
  • Cross transfer tables for feeding system
  • Hydraulic bundle clamp for bandsaw
  • Powered blade guide adjustment for bandsaw
  • 34mm drilling capacity in mild steel with 4.0 kW motors
  • 10 station CNC tool change system – available for each drilling unit
  • Marking unit – 0.3mm marking depth


  • Superb German quality
  • Cost effective and compact CNC saw & drill line
  • Vastly reduces processing times, boosting productivity and reducing cost per part
  • Fully automatic Beckhoff industrial CNC control for all machine functions
  • Graphic mode for display and selection of mitre cuts
  • Material database for different profiles, including dimensions and stock
  • Tool database for boring tools, with dimensions and rpm
  • Program memory for processed components
  • Two USB ports for data import
  • Accepts drawings in dxf and csv file formats (convertors available for other file types)
  • 9 metre material infeed system with linear guide rail and servo motor
  • Fully automatic feeding and clamping of material
  • CNC powered double mitre bandsaw – mitres 45° left and 60° right
  • CNC drilling system with 2 or 3 heads with linear guides, ball screws and servo motors
  • 25mm drilling capacity in mild steel with 2.2 kW motors
  • Different drilling axis configurations offered according to requirement