APS 70S Portable Punching Machine


The APS portable punching machines are ideal for punching I beams and a whole host of applications, saving considerable time compared to drilling. Available in various capacities and throat depths there is a machine for most requirements.

Technical Spec

Rated Capacity30 Tonnes
Maximum Capacities22 x 10mm
Maximum Punching Thickness13mm
Punching Stroke18mm
Throat Depth70mm
Punching Time8 sec
Return Time2 sec



  • Quick and clean punching of holes
  • Almost noiseless operation
  • Power inching for accurate alignment
  • Portable yet powerful
  • Can be bench mounted for punching base plates, etc.
  • Tool kit included
  • Large range of punch and dies available – round, square, slot and special shapes
  • 5M hydraulic hose
  • Depth stop
  • Suspension hanger