Antil Robotic APR 30 Robot Arm


The new Antil Robotic APR 30 represents a technological evolution in the sheet and plate bending industry, as a new line of robots with redesigned mechanics and innovative hardware enables improved productivity for automatic bending operations alongside the traditional Hydraulic Pressbrake. The APR 30 can be operated by anyone who is familiar with the bending process.

Technical Spec

Working Areamm1500
Weight at Wristkg30
Torque at Rotation Centrekgm9
X Axis Travelm6-8
Y Axis Travelmm810
Z Axis Travelmm1530
Working Height under the Sliding Supportmm2300
Power SupplyV 3 Phase400
Pneumatic FeedBAR “pipe6


  • Extra Gripper for pieces up to 500×500
  • Extra Gripper for pieces up to 1250×1250
  • Extra Gripper for pieces up to 2500×2500
  • Hiding front supports Kg 15 for 500mm each
  • Alarm messages sending system with SMS
  • Couple of extra locators with sensors (for presses without motor controlled  axis)
  • Additional pair of sensors


  • The robotic wrist consists of a hollow shaft which feeds the gripper with air, vacuum and electrical signals with no risk to cut the delivery lines with the displacement of the metal sheet.
  • The robotic arm always remains in the horizontal position allowing  the positioning of the piece in the machine by holding it above and below to avoid any hindrance to the production.
  • The linear axes allow the positioning of the APR arm to always be in the same place in front of all the bending stations and on all pallets
  • Floor mounted
  • Quick transition to allow use of the manual pressbrake mode
  • Five axes, three linear, two polar
  • Position transducer of the press table with relative electronic equipment for synchronised plate following
  • Basic software for programming, palletisation and loading/unloading programmes from a PC. Night and Day automatic switching off system.
  • Plate Gripping Tool with suckers for the sample plate machining
  • Standard Rear Striker Plates with sensors dedicated to bending in automatic mode
  • 1 Centring and peeling system with 400mm magnetic locators, blowing and brushing system
  • Lateral safety grid and fontal safety photoelectric barrier