In-house Capabilities Boosted for Engineering Firm

In-house Capabilities Boosted for Engineering FirmIn-house Capabilities Boosted for Engineering Firm

Published 21st September 2016

PRV Engineering based in Pontypool have recently invested in the CMS Idroline S 1730 Hydro-Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System supplied and installed by Selmach Machinery Ltd. This elite design and a high technological waterjet cutting machine has allowed PRV to take on work and increase their in-house capabilities where more traditional cutting methods may not be suitable and in the past were outsourced. A wide variety of materials can now be cut in-house using the CMS waterjet producing smooth, quality burr-free edges with exceptional precision for even the most irregular shapes.

Simon Jones, Managing Director of PRV Engineering said: ‘the CMS Waterjet has enabled us to be far more flexible in our output and with the machine made in Italy it is of the highest quality.’