How to Programme an Elgo P9521 Guillotine Controller FAQ

Published 10th March 2017

Watch our engineer demonstrate how to program an Elgo P9521. The Elgo has three methods of programming. Touch and Go which will deliver a single movement at one time, Manual and Program which will deliver up to 10 different cuts of different sizes.


Touch and Go

To start the demonstration our engineer has left it in Touch and Go mode.  They have cancelled the preset figure and have programmed a new figure and then pressed start. This is has programmed a single movement.

Manual Programming

If you press F again, you’ll see the light comes on where the picture of the hand is. You will notice the four keys at the top of the number pad are marked with arrows. If you press number 9, you will have slow reverse, press number 8, you have fast reverse, press number 7, you have fast forward and if you press the blue arrow button, you have slow forward. This is manual programming.


If we press the F again, you cancel it to a zero. Zero is one of the cuts so zero is your first cut. You move here and you could turn on and say I want one cut, three cuts, six cuts, as many as you like. Press the arrow once more and you put in the size you want to cut. Then press the arrow and number one starts flashing. This is now the second cut. So, we’ll forward to here and we’ll tell everyone to cut one of these. We’ll hit the arrow again and we’ll put it in a new figure. Press the arrow again and now we’re on cut number 3 although it says number 2. At number 2, I forward to the end. I put one and when it’s flashing again, we put another figure. If you want to finish at that and not at the fourth cut, basically go to zero now and press start. I’m now going to press the pedal and show you the machine stroking. And as you can see, the machine will run through the program straight away through to the end.